An Open Letter to Steven Moffat

September 3, 2013
Last summer, when we first started out together, things were exciting. New and fresh and different in a way that they aren’t anymore. I mean, let’s just be honest here. There are only so many times that I can be expected to listen to the story of the Doctor and the villain that he lectured out of being evil before I go completely crazy. Surprise kisses are getting old, too, because that’s not a thing. That’s sexual harassment, and it’s not funny. Honestly, Jenny’s moment in the sun in The Crimson Horror was completely overshadowed by the Doctor forcing himself on her afterwards. The thing that was the worst about it, though, was that the Doctor wasn’t even sorry about it when Jenny was clearly irritated by it.

I’m not saying that you’re all bad, or that you’ve always been bad. I mean, Blink is probably one of the best episodes of Doctor Who, and I love Sally Sparrow as much as the next girl. The problem is, though, that you’re not delivering the way that you did with Blink. Where your first weeping angels were terrifying, your new ones are inconsistent at best. I understand what you were trying to do by turning the Statue of Liberty into one, but you’ve completely contradicted yourself, because Lady Liberty isn’t exactly stone, and since when do they stomp like she did? Where are your strong, self assured female characters? Self-assured, smart, strong Sally must surely be crying over the way that your women that do get to travel are treated. If the Doctor didn’t turn the safety on for the lovingly named Mickey the Idiot, then why would he for Clara? And I know that the Doctor has to find these girls somewhere, but honestly? Is he putting ads out on Craigslist now? Wanted. Woman in tight dress/skirt with a mysterious air about her. If interested, please put self in peril. This is another story I just don’t want to hear again. One was fine, good, even, but twice in a row? Martha was a rebound, too, but at least she realized it. I thought for one beautiful moment that Clara got it, but it was played off. No, he’s not struggling to get over Amy, he’s struggling to get over you, silly girl. Give me a break!
I want to see the Doctor with a girl that isn’t a mystery. Heck, I want to see the Doctor with a companion that isn’t a girl! I want to be told the story of the Doctor getting stuff done, because you’ve driven me right into the arms of Supernatural.

And we’re happy together, really, we are. The villains don’t apologize. The heroes get stuff done and it’s exciting. Let’s be completely honest with each other, here, that doesn’t happen with us anymore, and I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry, but my continuing to watch the show has everything to do with loyalty to the program and nothing to do with loyalty to you.

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