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Injustice DLC characters

You Injustice fans out there probably know about the latest addition to the DLC characters, and I thought 'Why not talk about the other DLC characters as well?' So you can consider this a spoiler review for Injustice, but I'll mainly be discussing the DLC. There won't be as much to tghis review compared to my other reviews, but I'll do my best. Here we go.

Injustice: DLC talk. So far, it's been about 4 or 5 months since Injustice came out, and it's still my favorite fighting game. As I said in my Injustice review, the combat system is pretty natural, and the way the game is constructed is amazing. But enough about that. We are here to talk about the DLC. The first downloadable character that was introduced was Lobo, the Main Man.When you unlock Doomsday's ending in the classic battles, you get a glimpse of Lobo charging at Doomsday on his space-bike in outer-space. Lobo is a bit cocky, but he's still pretty cool overall. With him, you use a combo system that shows off his strength. His special move is a gun with a couple different ammo rounds. He also has a chin, like Scorpion, except his has a hook at the end which is much larger than Scorpion's spear. His supermove is personalized like everyone else's, but for some reason I was surprised. He shoots you up into the air, then burns your face with the jets on his bike. I don't know hy it surprised me, but it just did. I'll say that Lobo is a good addition to the Injustice roster.

The second DLC character put on the market was Batgirl. I guess the producers were thinking, 'We have Batman and Nightwing, so why not Batgirl?' Her fighting style relies on stealth tactics, where she drops a smoke pellet and grabs you from above, and relies on the use of her gadgets. She uses bat-a-rangs, bat-grappels, and some electric-brass-knuckle things. She's pretty cool. Her special move allows her to switch between the bat-grappel, and those electric-brass-knuckles. Her!super-move is something thast I haven't seen before. For one thing, you have to be in the air to activate her super-move. And when you are in the air, she puts a device on the opponent's chest that shoots two lines to the ground. Then she grabs onto the opponent, shoots a grappel into the air, goes up as far as she can, then let's go of the opponent thus sending him or her straight down like a sling-shot. Wicked. Just like Lobo, Batgirl is another great addition to the Injustice roster.

Since the game was developed by NetherRealms Studios, even if we didn't know we knew it, we all knew who would be added next: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Does he really need an introduction? It's Scorpion! He looks different from Mortal Kombat 9 and MK v.s. DCU, but IT love his new design. He still has his swords in the back, and the spear but: whoa! He's got some new sweet-ass arm blades, and a hood which makes him look badass. His combo system is like his combo system on MK 9, but I think they made him even more badass. His special-move sets him on fire, you know 'hellfire', in order to deal extra damage. His super-move kicks ass! He transports you to the underworld, I guess, and spears you with both spears and just knocks you around. It is awesome. If you had to pick just one DLC character, I'd recommend Scorpion. Trust me: you won't regret it.

Last (for now anyway) but certainly not least: General Zod. It makes sense to have Zod since the Man of Steel movie came out recently, and it was a good move. Zod has similar powers to Superman, but he has his own attributes as well. He uses kryptonian weapons to blast his opponents, and his special-move summons a phantom from the Phantom Zone. Even though I only recently downloaded Zod, I fought as him quite a bit and I still don't know what the Phantom is used for. All it does is float behind the opponent until it vanishes. His super-move is somewhat like Superman's. Except where Superman knocks you into orbit, Zod carries the opponent to the moon, crashes him through it, then uses his heat vision to blast them back to Earth. He is a great character, and is worth having on the Injustice roster.

I personally hope that the creators add more DLC characters, including some that aren't that well known as Superman. Earlier rumors suggested that players would have liked to see Martian Manhunter added, as well as Swamp-thing. As for me, I would love to see Static Shock added to the roster. So, what do you think of the DLC characters? Who's your favorite combatant on Injustice? And who would you like to see as another DLC character? Comment below, let me know. And if you liked this review and want to read more, check out my other reviews to read more. Bye-bye.

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