"Dark Skies" Messed Up Minds

April 21, 2013
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“Dark Skies” Messed up Minds

From the producers of Paranormal Activity, Dark Skies is a horror movie were aliens come to Earth and visit a family, then messes with their minds in order to abduct one of them.

Aliens follow a family and immediately their safe and peaceful home quickly turns into mayhem with aliens invading their brains. Later when the family finds out that there are real aliens in their home the father (Josh Hamilton) decides to take matters into his own hands by taking the aliens on by himself.

In this movie there were six main characters Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo, Kandan Rockett, and J.K. Simmons. The two actors that did an exceptional job were Josh Hamilton (Father) and Kandan Rockett ( Youngest Son). They both created a lot more drama in the movie. One actor that did a poor performance was Dakota Goyo ( Oldest Son). When something scary was happening it seemed as if he displayed very little emotion which didn’t grab your attention.

There were many things I enjoyed as well as a few things that I disliked. I didn’t agree with them only casting a few characters other than the six main characters. The things I did like were how realistic the picture was it seemed as if the movie was playing right in front of you. I also liked how the producers were able to create such a plot with the suburb family living their ordinary life and then suddenly aliens come to their home and take over their minds.

The lesson I learned from this movie is that if you trust your family members good things will happen.

The kind of people I would like in this movie would be the family since there practically the only characters other then the aliens. The rating of Dark Skies is PG-13; all in all I would say this movie is good. I would give this movie 4 out of 5.

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