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Hunger Games Trilogy

March 19, 2013
By elliphantla GOLD, Merritt Island, Florida
elliphantla GOLD, Merritt Island, Florida
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You've got to be able to laugh at the Gadsden Purchase. It's what life's all about.

This is really a compilation of my opinions on the Hunger Games Trilogy and the Hunger Games movie. Oh, and I mean no disrespect to anyone, Suzanne Collins or anyone reading this; this is just an opinion (really, many opinions). I don’t mean to insult anyone in any way. We all are entitled to our own opinions and I know there are a lot of different opinions out there.

Book One – The Hunger Games:
Well, this one is my favorite out of the three, though Catching Fire was close. I just liked the whole concept of the Hunger Games and the arena. The characters in the book were original and the book kept me reading.

Book Two – Catching Fire:
I enjoyed this book as well. The Quarter Quell was interesting; the clockwork of the arena was extremely creative. Really, I have no complaints for this book. It just wasn’t as captivating as the first book. The ending was great… “Katniss, there is no District 12.” Nice cliffhanger…

Book Three – Mockingjay:
Ah…book three... I can’t even describe my disappointment for this book. First, Peeta trying to kill Katniss. (Well, I didn’t really mind that the first time I read this book because I preferred Gale to Peeta.) I also found the war and rebellion confusing. The worst part for me was Prim’s death. Prim was the whole reason Katniss got involved in the rebellion. She did everything for her sister and then Prim is killed in the end. All Katniss worked for is gone.

The Movie - The Hunger Games:
I thought I would review the movie as well, even though I was originally reviewing the books. Eh, oh well…I’ll review the movie anyway.

The Cast:

1. Katniss Everdeen – Jennifer Lawrence
I think Jennifer Lawrence played the part of Katniss really well. She looks similar to what I pictured Katniss to look like.

2. Peeta Mellark – Josh Hutcherson
Josh Hutcherson didn’t look anything like I pictured Peeta as. I imagined Peeta better looking and taller.

3. Gale Hawthorne – Liam Hemsworth
Liam Hemsworth played the part of Gale well. He doesn’t look like a pictured Gale, but he’s closer than Josh compared to Peeta.

4. Haymitch Abernathy – Woody Harrelson
At first I didn’t think Woody Harrelson was a good choice because he didn’t look anything like the drunk man I imagined as Haymitch. But, after watching the movie another time and re-reading the books, Woody Harrelson replaced my imagined Haymitch. I think Woody Harrelson played Haymitch perfectly. His sarcasm was amazing.

5. Effie Trinket – Elizabeth Banks
I loved the way Elizabeth Banks portrayed Effie Trinket. She sounds and looks exactly like I imagined her.

6. Prim – Willow Shields
Willow was exactly as I imagined Prim. She played the part well and it made the movie emotional at the right times.

7. Mrs. Everdeen – Paula Malcomson
Paula Malcomson was also the same as I imagined Mrs. Everdeen to act and look.

8. Cinna – Lenny Kravitz
I did not imagine Cinna looking like Lenny Kravitz…at all. But he played the part really well. I imagined Cinna with pale skin and shaggy black hair that was spiked at times and occasionally streaked with colors.

9. Marvel – Jack Quaid
Great. He looked just like I thought Marvel would.

10. Glimmer – Leven Rambin
Another one that looked like I thought would look like. Leven Rambin was just like the Glimmer I imagined. She did an amazing job acting out the tracker jacker scene.

11. Cato – Alexander Ludwig
I thought Alexander Ludwig played the part of Cato perfectly. His acting was superb.

12. Clove – Isabelle Fuhrman
Isabelle Fuhrman also looked exactly as I imagined Clove.

13. Foxface – Jacqueline Emerson
Wow, Jacqueline looked like she could be Foxface. She made a perfect Foxface. Her acting was excellent.

14. Rue – Amandla Stenberg
Perfect. That’s really all I have to say. Perfect actress, perfect acting, exact person that should play Rue.

15. Thresh – Dayo Okeniyi
Dayo Okeniyi seemed too nice to play the part of Thresh. But, don’t get me wrong. He played the part really well. Now I see that he had to be kind in a sort of aspect because he cared about Rue and Rue was just an innocent, sweet child thrown into the Hunger Games. (Well, so was almost everyone else, except for maybe the Careers, but Rue just stood out to me the most.)

16. Caeser Flickerman – Stanley Tucci
Wow, Stanley Tucci… He captured Caeser’s personality completely.
His acting skills are magnificent.

17. President Snow – Donald Sutherland
President Snow scared me. Actually, he still scares me. Donald Sutherland looked similar to my imagination of President Snow, but still, I find him a bit frightening.

18. Seneca Crane –Wes Bently
Wes Bently was the perfect person to play Seneca Crane. I have to compliment his beard. I can only describe it as awesome. The actor play Seneca so well, I felt sorry for him at the end when President Snow locked him in a room with nightlock.

About the movie in general… I was disappointed when they left out the part with Cato running to Clove when she died. That was really a moving moment of the book because it showed Cato could care for something. I didn’t like how Glimmer clung to Cato in the movie; I don’t know why, but I just didn’t like it.

Of course, the huge disappointment was how Katniss received the mockingjay pin. Seriously, what’s with that? I wish the directors had stuck to the book a bit more than they did.

I’ll stop my complaining. This article is getting too long anyway. Well, I’m glad I got my thoughts/opinions out on paper (or rather, the computer. Internet. Whichever…). I hope you enjoyed this. Anyway, have a nice day everyone! (Yes, that was supposed to be a bit of sarcasm right there.)

(By the way, sorry about using “exactly” so much. That probably got really annoying. I couldn’t find a better word to describe this sort of thing.)

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