I Want To Be Like You

February 20, 2013
By Anonymous

If I could choose any person, fictional or nonfictional, to change places with for the rest of my life I would, with no doubt in my mind, desire to be Taylor Swift. She has all of the characteristics that I believe make a true person. By a true person I mean one that is kind and giving, not only to her or himself, but also to the community. Her talent is singing. Taylor is one of the top singers to ever exist in this era. Her songs have true meaning to me because I can feel her honesty. Music in this day has gotten a little carried away with harsh words and profanity, but Taylor does not write like that. One of my ultimate favorite quote from her is “You’re lucky enough to be different, never change”. I believe that the message here is that each one of us is unique in our own way and should stay the same.

This young star is constantly reaching out to help the less fortunate. One of the many thoughtful things she has done was donated a pair of her red shoes for an online auction to raise money for a charity that provides shoes to people living in poverty. In Nashville, Tennessee, this country music sensation raised money over the course of three days to help the victims of April's tornados in the South. One recent Saturday night, she had a rehearsal for the North American part of her "Speak Now" tour. It was supposed to be private, but she opened the doors at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena and collected donations for victims. She charged fifty dollars per person, which helped her to raise more than seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars!

Apart from the generosity Taylor displays, she is also one of the best country singers ever. Her music is based on events that have happened in her life; there are no secrets. Some of her songs are even inspirational and make me think about her lyrics since they are all from her own heart. Taylor recently wrote a song about a four-year old boy, Ronan, that passed away from cancer in 2010. She saw the boy’s mothers’ blog on the internet and started following it. She went to the hospital to visit him multiple times until sadly he died. Taylor listed Ronan’s mom as co-author of the song so she can raise money in order to find a way to cure cancer. Whenever the song is purchased (which is called “Ronan”) off of ITunes, the money goes straight to cancer-related charities. Although the song is quite sad, it is another way Taylor is trying to help. She uses her talent and amazing voice to sing out in a way that can be greatly heard by many.

Taylor’s most recent album, Red, consists of sixteen wonderful songs. Although I love each one of them, if I had to choose “my favorite” I would have to say it is “22”. It is such an upbeat, happy song. A repeating line in this song is “Tonight’s the night when we forget about the heartbreaks”. Taylor is known for writing about guys who have broken her heart. I like this song because she changes it for once and instead of focusing on the negative, she basically tells that we are young and should not let those heartbreaks keep us down.

Another one of my favorite songs from this album is “Everything Has Changed”. Taylor sings this song along with the one and only Ed Sheeran. Ed is another wonderful song artist. Their voices work extremely well together. I like this song because it goes to say that everything does change, from day to day. That’s the part of life. This is a song about her love life. The mood that they set is kind of sad and depressing, but the way she sings it just makes it flow so well.

When I think about Taylor, I picture my idol. I hope one day I can give as much to my community as she does. She is a great person and always gives it her all. I honestly don’t know how she does it. As a beautiful, young woman in her early twenties she could easily be focusing in her own needs and trying to make a lot of money. She has chosen not to do that. I hope more people can understand truly what an incredible person she is. The fact that while balancing her singing career she still finds time to give out to others is the main reason why I would like to be Taylor Swift.

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