January 31, 2013
By jonathan hunt BRONZE, San Diego, California
jonathan hunt BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Imagine that you had no TV, computer, or video games for a week, what would you do? Would you walk your dog? Would you go to the park? Would you hang out with friends; or would you just stay inside and do homework? This is a very hard scenario for most teenagers in today’s society to face. Teenagers today are on facebook all the time and some teens let facebook control them, I myself don’t care for facebook. Others are texting their friends all day. In the morning before school, during class, lunch, and then from the time they get home to the time they go to bed. Teenagers and kids spend way too much time in front of screens in one day.
The generations of the 21st centry dose not go outside much and due to that our generation is getting overweight and so if we spend more time outside maybe other people around the world will stop making fat jokes about America. I do not think; I KNOW getting technology taken away from teens for one week should not be thought of as an idea or a hypothetical situation but something parents should do. If the teens today got their things that they love so dearly such as their computer, phones, and their gaming machine got token away then maybe kids and teens would not be so spoiled and not take things for granted , they would actually see how good they have it and how privileged they really are. It would just be so good for us, the generation of the 21st centry to get out and do something.
In conclusion this idea or situation should really be thought about hard and we should really think; what would we do? I believe a lot of us would not have an answer for the question because today’s generation is too spoiled and I don’t see the future generations getting any less spoiled. This you just read is all we can do; just read about it because we won’t ever be able to live in that time period that my parents lived in again.

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