Is watching TV good or bad

January 17, 2013
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You know when your at home or in school then suddenly you read how watching TV is bad i mean is watching TV really bad or good? Think about it...? Which side are you going on? People are always saying the bad side of watching TV there's a bad and a good side.
There are plenty of good and bad things about watching TV
I'm not here to tell you that TV is good and not bad or TV is bad not good. I'm here to show you both sides of watching TV
Who among us hasn’t spent time watching a show we don't like or knew nothing about, or flipping through the channels waiting for something to pop up after you look a couple times knowing theres nothing to watch on TV but still flipping through. According to the website, “Sociologist Robert Putnam in Bowling Alone (2000) reported that in 1950, about 10 percent of American homes had television sets, but this had grown to more than 99 percent. Putnam also reported that the number of TVs in the average U.S. household had grown to 2.24 sets, with 66 percent of households having three or more sets; the TV set is turned on in the average U.S. home for seven hours a day; two-thirds of Americans regularly watch TV during dinner; and about 40 percent of Americans’ leisure time is spent on television.”
There’s absolutely no doubt that TV can be educational, but one of the consequences of watching TV is reducing how much parents talk with their children. And Parents child interaction can have a huge negative effect on a child life especially if they young.
Now, There are plenty of reason why TV can be good. First of all is simply entertaining thats means it can make you laugh, it makes you see things that you might never see in person, you can watch sports game and so much more..Second of all We all need downtime in our life, we all need the time of the day were its time to relax and just watch some TV. It means switching off from your work whether that’s paid work, housework or volunteering and letting your thoughts focus on something else.Personally, I think TV is great for this. Books are great too -but it can take a bit more effort to get into a good book. You can switch on the TV, kick back and relax with a favorite show. and return to your work, feeling refreshed. Third of all is TV can change your life have you ever watch a show and it really gets to, you can watch a show and it might get you thinking about your own life or someone else is life. Fourth of all TV is good because of the news. News helps you know what's going around and your area and around the world and it can help you to see what you can do and help your family.
My opinion is that i think is good watching TV i think there should be less time watching TV because according to the statistics the TV rating has been going up and i think that time with parents should increase more to help the child out. I also think that parents should take more control of watching TV

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Miley Stoker 2.3 said...
Jan. 21, 2014 at 11:02 am
People who say tv is bad is bad
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