should we have age restrictions on films?

December 18, 2012
By sophie231297 BRONZE, Norwich, Other
sophie231297 BRONZE, Norwich, Other
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Most people enjoy going to the movies with their friends when they are young but nowadays there are no films made for young teenagers to enjoy, most films are really childish or they have an age restriction of 15+, most cinemas get a lot of children lying about their age and they get really annoyed with it but there wouldn’t be so many if the film industry would just leave it up to personal choice whether they watch the film or not.
Personally I think cinemas would make a lot more money if the film industry would take off all the age restrictions because more people are most likely to go and watch a film. People should be able to make their own decisions on what sort of film they should watch and no one should take notice of age restrictions.
When I asked Michaela, age 13, if she would go to the cinema more if there were more films for her age ranged she said yes and I also asked her opinion on what she think of the opinions in this article. Her response was “I think you’re right they should take the age restrictions off films because more kids will watch them and it would give kids something to do, even if it is just for 1-2 hours”
One question you can really ask yourself is ‘are age restrictions relevant’? I do understand the worry parents have about the children picking up bad language but if the child is mature enough then it won’t matter.

The author's comments:
i wrote this article because i don't think we should have age restrictions on films because some people like to have a choice on what they watch and they don't want to have it limited

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