The Power of the Melody

December 20, 2012
When people think of feelings, they often think of words, or some of the people they care about the most. I think about that too, but have you ever thought about music? I have never been in a situation were I could not find a song that described exactly how I was feeling. Words can mean so much. However, once I got to thinking about music I realized that those words would not mean half as much without the melody that went with them. If somebody told me the words of a song without the melody, they might make me feel a certain way, but once you add the melody it becomes almost overwhelming. A melody is passion, hope, feelings, and the beat to your heart. Without the power of the melody there would not be any song. I think the right melody finds the deepest most powerful part of your soul, and sets it on fire. When someone finds the perfect melody it's like their soul is speaking to them.

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