The 20th Century Revolution

November 8, 2012
Are you in science and you don't know the answer to a question? What do you do? You take out your smartphone and google it. Do you want to know who won the game last night? You take out your smartphone and check the app. You want to listen to the new song everybody is listening to but don't know the name, you take your smartphone and you Shazam it.

When anybody seems to need something they just use their smartphone and figure it out one way or another. Our world seems to focus more and more on which phone we have and which one is better. Trust me I've changed my phone a couple of times just because the new one was faster and because mine was no longer the new one. Different brands such as Apple and Samsung both claim they have the newest and best smartphones yet but, whats so smart about depending on a mobile device to run your life?

Smartphones have given lots of great contributions to society such as, making information available all around the world and faster, the ability to meet new people, to stay in contact with others and a new and revolutionary way to share everything about you. Where you are, what you are doing, with who you are and how exciting your life is. Smartphones have changed the way we do everything, from cooking to cleaning, from writing an essay to editing a picture. It has made life easier and faster but, have smartphones affected us in a negative way as well?

When we need to remember to do a task we write it down on our phones, if we have a doctors appointment we program it on out phones schedule, if you need to urgently finish homework and send it to a teacher you can do it through a smartphone. Reading books is no longer necessary and going to the library isn't either. Smartphones have affected the part of our brain that helps us remember things. This part is now slower than it used to be when smartphones did not exist, nor the option to write down anything you wanted.

There is no doubt society is not the same since smartphones appeared, people are living in the now, what happened 2 minutes ago is current, what happened 2 hours ago is history. This has put pressure on everybody to be updated and the easiest way to do so is by having a smartphone. We spend 500 dollars on a phone we don't need when there are kids in Africa dying of hunger, wanting clean water for Christmas instead of the iPhone 5. Smartphone companies know this so they try to sell us faster phones we don't need so we can be the people of the now because, who wants to be a person of the past.

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