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November 5, 2012
By , Ormond Beach, FL
I believe in music.

The universal language of humanity. There are no differences from region to region. Music is music. There will always be the twelve pitches in music: C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab, and B. Well, unless you include the enharmonics, of course, then making it fifteen pitches. Music will always have major scales, natural minor scales, harmonic minor scales, and melodic minor scales. None of this has changed since the Baroque period. It does not matter if the music is being played by a Russian oboist who has never spoken a word of English in his life. We, as humans, can connect to the sounds of the instruments that the Russian artist produces. We can interpret the sound waves that flow through the reed, the wavering sound of a beautiful vibrato. This connection takes away any physical barrier that may stand before us. I believe music connects us as a species.

I believe in music’s power.

I believe music has the ability to influence emotion. Through a simple major triad we can feel the sensations of happiness or feel uplifted. Through a minor chord we can feel a sadness that reaches deep down into the depths of our hearts. With an augmented chord we can interpret a sense of lingering… as if, just maybe we are missing something, uneasiness dawns upon us. We plead for the raised fifth of the chord to resolve back to a major chord. I believe a musician can draw us to the edge of our seat by playing a soft little melody which soars above every other instrument, sweeping from note to note, accompanied by a tender vibrato gently kissing the walls of our ear drums. I believe music sets a tone and mood for any good movie. Have you ever seen a good movie with a poor soundtrack? I can’t say that I have. I believe music can define an aspect of a moment. Even a moment of silence is music in itself. I believe that when I hear the staccato pounding of a bass drum my heart begins to gallop, pumping with anticipation. I know when the dynamic progresses from mezzo forte to fortissimo my eyes begin to widen with excitement. I believe when the ending of a soft major chord tappers off into nothingness I am left with an incessant joy which overwhelms every fiber in my body. I believe that I often feel a shiver run down my spine.

I believe that without music, life would be like white noise.
I believe in music.

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