Paranormal Activity 4

October 29, 2012
I just saw Paranormal Activity 4 last night, and I was expected to be twice as scared as last year. Instead, I was mostly spooked with "Oh my gosh what the f**k?!" moments and "holy crap!" statements. With how the ending was made, I was confused as to what all the female demons had to do with anything of the previous movies. Also, what happened to Robbie? Katie obviously was blood-thirsty and Wyatt/Hunter is just standing there with the teenager, Alex, and I'm guessing he just watches her being eaten by Katie.

With the confusion of the ending, do you viewers think there will be a fifth Paranormal Activity? Also, for those who've seen this movie, what did you think of the movie overall?

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xxCupcakeEatingZombieSlayerxx said...
Nov. 8, 2012 at 11:17 pm
I feel that PA4 was more entertaining than the rest but not as creepy. Also, It was more obvious that PA was not actual footage rather than a directed movie. I know, The other 3 PA's were not actual footage either, but the thought that it actually was real scared me a bit. I do hope that there is another PA soon.
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