The Mystery That is Dwight Schrute

September 25, 2012
By Tyler Sochan BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Tyler Sochan BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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If there is one character who can be described as eccentric, it is the assistant to the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, Dwight K. Schrute. He is a man of mustard colored shirts, bed and breakfasts, and nun chucks. Whether it is bears, beets, or BattleStar Galactica, Dwight Schrute, is a man of much knowledge and many accomplishments. At least this is what he would like you to believe.
One of Dwight’s defining characteristics is his distinct appearance. His beady, shifty eyes are covered by thick 1960’s glasses and evoke a look of the prototypical nerd. Those retro spectacles sit on a nose that is far too small for his face and one is left to wonder how his glasses do not fall right off. Above those eyes is the vast barren wasteland of forehead in the shape of a trapezoid. His brown locks fall down like a window above his eyebrows in the shape of The Arch in St. Louis. Dwight’s apparel is as recognizable as his bespectacled, bulldog face. Whether it is his plain brown suit or his arsenal of short-sleeved mustard shirts, Mr. Schrute’s dress is as plain as it gets.

Interpersonal relationships are an important dynamic for every work environment. This is one of the areas in which Dwight does not excel. He is a man who does not understand the undertones or finer points of conversation, as if it is a foreign language. During many conversations, Dwight has almost a baffled look on his face. When discussing topics that he doesn’t know much about, he gets the blank, “thousand yard” stare, as if he is looking to the horizon instead of the other person. This social obliviousness has led to Dwight having very few people he can call his friend, with the short list including his silent cousin, Mose, and his former boss, Michael Scott. His friendship with the former regional manger was very one sided, however, as Michael viewed Dwight as a subordinate whom he could use to advance his career, like a general using his top advisor. This did not deter Dwight, as he still viewed Mr. Scott as a revered figure for whom it was his job to please.

His social awkwardness and obliviousness are the main causes of Dwight becoming the butt of constant practical jokes. He has seen everything from his desk being gift wrapped on Christmas, to being slapped across the face, to having his stapler stolen and set in jello. It is his inability to see when he is being mocked that has led to several comedic instances, one where he was convinced he committed a murder, and in another where he was even to physically assault himself when he declared he was the only one who could defeat himself in a fight.
A favorite pastime of Dwight is self-defense. Over the years, he has hidden several weapons throughout his office at Dunder Miflin. He has been known to say, “‘Oh it's dangerous to keep weapons in the home or the workplace'. Well I say, it's better to be hurt by someone you know accidentally, than by a stranger on purpose." This has become his philosophy and mantra in the office and he has stashed everything from ninja stars under his desk, to a blow dart in the bathroom stall, to a Chinese sword in the ceiling tile. One may scoff at his office arsenal, yet when a disgruntled former employee returned, it was Dwight and his pepper spray that came to the rescue. He also enjoys ping-pong and is an expert paintball player. Dwight can be declared a true man’s man, as he served as a volunteer sheriff’s deputy and his brain contains much knowledge of survival in the wilderness. He once saved his friend Michael Scott from ingesting poisonous mushrooms, solely with his knowledge of the indigenous plants of western Pennsylvania.

Dwight Schrute is a man of many pursuits. He is a diligent worker as a paper salesman, a self-defense guru, and a B and B proprietor. Very few can claim such versatility. Dwight’s eccentricity and social obliviousness are just a few of the things that make him such an interesting and lovable character.


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