Music and Your Personality

September 24, 2012
Music isn’t based on just head-banging beats and song lyrics. It is so much more than that. It isn’t about the current “hit song” either. Music defines people, and I believe it shows others the type of characters we, as human beings are.

Not only does it define people, but also depending on people’s tastes, there are so many varieties of music out there, such as country, rap, pop, rock, et cetera. Then when you get into the music that you like it goes even deeper than that. If you like country there is different types of it, like country rap, slow southern drawl country, songs about love, living in the country, and much more. If you like the provocative, explicit songs that sing about profanity, then you’d probably like rap.

Whatever types of music you listen to, you can be amazed at how your mood changes if you go from a sad, slow song, to a fast-paced pop song, for an example. I think music sets different tones for ways in which people can approach conflicts in life. Whatever you may be doing and you need to liven tings up, or whenever you may be having a bad day, turn the radio on, or hook that I-Pod to some speakers and dance!

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