Two and Half Men: Effects on America

June 22, 2012
By MykeLaw SILVER, Lehighton, Pennsylvania
MykeLaw SILVER, Lehighton, Pennsylvania
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One of the most popular television series today, Two and a Half Men, has one of the largest amounts of viewers on FX. Several situations and personalities are portrayed quite frequently that has negative effects on viewers. The main character through most of the series, Charlie Harper, displays many acts that can be seen as negative such as an addiction to drinking, casual sex, swearing, and disrespect towards women. Many viewers of this program are underage and can be easily exposed to this show because even with it’s content; on many networks there is no viewer discretion warning.

Due to the lack of age restriction, there are several parts of the series that teenagers today can especially relate to through the character Jake. While the two adult protagonists demonstrate typical problems in the real world, Jake’s reactions to these circumstances influence the way normal children will be able to deal with certain situations as well. One common occurrence in today’s society is divorce, and it is a Jake’s parents, Alan and Judith, begin the series off with their own. Jake is constantly surrounded by his two parent’s arguments and deceit; with a frequent topic being his Charlie’s own habits. As the series progresses, Jake even begins to pick up some of these negative habits, such as underage drinking and sexual activity. Much of these actions can be seen in everyday society and the influence of the television shows can have an effect on people of all age groups.

Every episode portrays much of the common; yet negative aspects that are now seen as social norms today. In several episodes, Charlie is seen frequently drunk, lying to women for sexual favors, or arrested for public misconduct. While to a lesser degree, Alan also demonstrates violent and socially awkward actions as well. All of the characters have negative activities that very easily influence the viewers. Even with the death of Charlie as the main character the series still progresses with increasingly destructive moral actions. Two and a Half Men is one of the most viewed shows on American television, and therefore has the most influence over several million people.

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