The Life of a Directioner

May 11, 2012
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It’s about knowing their home life and loving them for who they are,
Accepting Niall’s farts and their typical boy humor.
It’s about knowing Ed Sheeran’s secret line,
And knowing how Harry reaches the high notes.
It’s about watching Liam’s twitcams even though you’re in school,
Watching him make his eyebrows dance.
It’s about knowing how many r’s there should be in Terrrrrrence,
And who Kevin is.
It’s about knowing who loves to eat Nandos,
And who can’t swim.
It’s about fan-girling on all day on Tumblr when you should be doing homework,
And reading One Direction fan-fiction.
It’s about forcing yourself dress up as a carrot for Louis,
And camping out for days just to get a glimpse of their stripes and cardigans.
It’s knowing that Sugarscape is the best source for 1D news,
And how cheeky their interviews with the boys are.
It’s about being jealous of baby Lux because Harry changes her diapers,
And whose mom gets to style the boys.
It’s about being made fun of for liking a “gay boy band”,
And you laugh because they are indeed five homosexuals.
It’s about trending “#CongratsOnTheSexLou” on Twitter,
And then trending “#HarryOrEleanor?”
It’s about wishing you were a 30+ year old woman
Or a helium filled balloon.
It’s knowing that Jimmy indeed protested,
And that Liam eats his cereal and milk separately in cups.
It’s about shouting “VAS HAPPENIN’?!”
Whenever you greet a fellow Directioner.
It’s about knowing what White Eskimo is
And who has four nipples.
It’s about being inspired by their drive
And knowing how hard they’ve worked to break records.
It’s about know that there is real love, pain, and happiness
Behind the seemingly “bubble pop” songs.
It’s about remembering their fresh faces on The X Factor,
And remembering the tears they shed when they left.
It’s knowing you’ll never leave,
As long as they are still One Direction for life.

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