I Believe in Music

May 21, 2012
By Lafar SILVER, Paoli, Pennsylvania
Lafar SILVER, Paoli, Pennsylvania
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I believe in music. Music as in its ability to help you through hard times. Music as in providing a ground floor for you. Music has taken an active role in my life from since I picked up the piano at age four, to this very day with my bassoon and tenor saxophone. Music has the power to do anything. From make a person cry, to make a person happy.
A lot of people think classical music is for old geezers. I oppose those people with this. Since jazz came from classical, and pop came from jazz, and rock came from pop, then isn’t the best of all rock classical? Because that is where it originated? I mean, you listen to music when you want to concentrate, or are bored. At least most of the time. That means that music is a tool to help you relax, to help you return to the foundation. To help you feel neutral. Music has helped me also. Whenever I feel down, I pick up one of my two instruments and start playing with no sheet music, just play. Or, I plug in a set of earphones to my computer, lean back and listen. Music can do wonders such as lift your mood; dampen your mood, all sorts of things. I remember seeing a flyer in our school outside the music room. It said that people who do chorus (or music), have better grades than people who don’t, on average. My hypotheses on why people who do chorus (or music) are they vent the bad moods/feelings out when singing and it results in a clear mind during the rest of the day.

Just recently, we had our student council election speeches. My plan was to make every stand up, reach for the ceiling, sit back down, and tell them that if I can make a fool out of themselves, then I can change the school. This kid, I won’t mention his name, yelled boo when the first word came out of my mouth. Half of the 250 students didn’t stand up, half of the kids that did stand up never sat back down. The half of the students that didn’t stand was talking. Later on, this kid said to me “I didn’t stand up” I concluded to myself that he is a self-centered brat that won’t do anything for his friends. I know that sounds mean, but he is a self-centered, snobby, spoiled, and dumb person. When I came back home, I assembled my saxophone, and started playing the new music I got for Bye Bye Birdie. I totally forgot about that entire ruckus that happened when I was giving my speech. This really shows to me, and hopefully you that music is a power full tool that everyone can use.
What I want to conclude saying is that music is a thing that we all enjoy. Music is everywhere, in video games, in the wild, in the city, everywhere you go, and there is music. Let me finish this “This I believe” by saying: “Someday, something bad will happen to you, it will to all of us. Music will be one of the things you will depend on for a time. Music is in us all.”

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I also submitted this on thisibelieve.org so do not say that I am plagiarizing.

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