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Advertisng - A For & Against Essay

April 3, 2012
By ThatGirlOverthere BRONZE, LaLaland, Other
ThatGirlOverthere BRONZE, LaLaland, Other
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"We Must
bring our own light
to the darkness" by poet Charles Bukowski
- about prouving yourself... I'm on my way to accomplish that!

Yesterday, the 15th March, it was the International Day for the Consumer's Rights. A day to reflect on this capitalist society we've become - and all thanks for Advertising.
Advertising is lying. It's lying in order to submit.Brainwash is always there: turning on the TV, we're told that possessions will enrich our life. We run to the mall hoping that's true - like as if our credit card is the ticket to happiness.
It looks simple, but Advertising, being the art of lying is far more complicated than that: it trick us in such a seductive way, that we return home with more shopping bags than we anticipated - it's a mermaid's singing that empties our pockets.
If Advertising has benefits? Well, it surely is entertaining
(thank God for those funny commercials while we're zapping). We can also admit that ads set a competition between companies, so they start to improve the product - which only benefits the consumer.
But... how how much do we pay for it? Let's be realistic: Advertising is a religion devoted to lies, and our society has become a naive believer.
We must stop putting faith in Consumerism.

The author's comments:
This is just a text I wrote for a Englis test (take in consideration I'm not a English native speaker).
It does not necessary reflect my opinion, since that being a For & Against Essay, it must obey to a specific structure.

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