How To: Start a Band and Potentially Become Famous

May 21, 2012
By xJessex666 GOLD, Blossvale, New York
xJessex666 GOLD, Blossvale, New York
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If you want to become a famous musician or musical artist there are a lot of things you need. Actually there is pretty much a list. Here are the things you will need; you need good musicians and a good vocalist, instruments a HD microphone (preferably professional quality microphone), pad paper, computer with internet access, ¼ inch to microphone adapter piece, YouTube account (recommended), Band “Facebook” or/and personal “Facebook” (recommended), band “MySpace” (recommended), camera with 720p recording quality (recommended) with 4gb of memory (recommended), blank CD cases (optional), blank CD’s (optional), Printer (optional). When you have all these things it’s important to come up with a good, attention grabbing, pleasant, original name. Usually the first thing people do in the making of a song is you need to write song lyrics of course. This may be hard for some people my best advice to you is look at other songs for inspiration or write from your personal experiences, the words do not have to rhyme but they should most of the time have a good flow. It’s always important to be original. Have your band members tell you what they think of the song and maybe even request their help, you and your band members should agree on a style and genre. Even though this may not be right a lot of times your style and the way you present yourself to your audience is going to affect your fan base and what people think of you. But music is ninety percent of the part. That being stated, the musicians in your band should be able to come up with music to go along with the feel of the song, Or your musicians can make the song and then whoever writes music can make something to go along with that. This process should involve the entire band. You don’t want all the instruments to sound not in sync or your music to sound chaotic and like noise all critics pick that stuff apart. If you band or group doesn’t have instrumentals and you want something more hip hop then the best thing to start out with is Fruity Loops studio. It’s free and a lot of well known artist use it in their music like for example the rapper Lil Wayne some of the beats he uses was made with Fruity Loops studio. Fruity Loops Studio may be a bit tricky for everyone to use so if you would like you could buy the rights to the beat from artist on YouTube. Don’t ever steal their work unless you’re using it for non-profit use then it’s legal. When this is all done you can get recording. Another program I like to use is AVS video editor it is not specialized for audio editing but its wide range of audio enhancing and editing tools are credible. Once you have downloaded this open AVS video editor. Assuming you purchased a ¼ inch to microphone adapter piece you can plug the adapter into your computer and the amp cord into the other end of the adapter. Go to the recording part of AVS video editor. And hit record and play the part you want to record first. For best studio results never record all the parts at the same time. Start with recording the drum or the beat, the last thing to record is the vocals. If you used a beat save it onto your computer and import it to AVS. Most albums have at least 10-13 songs. So once you finished that, you name the song and everything and upload it to YouTube. A good grimy slightly intricate kind of way to get known is put your song after an already famous bands name for example “Famous Band Here- Song Name Here”. Then you should post a comment saying what the band is really called. If people like your music by the time they look at the comments they will probably listen to more. Once this is done you should start designing your album. Assuming you purchased the correct CD cases. You can make it look professional quality. If you have the disc covers (they are like stickers you put over CDs for a label) use your printer to print of the design for the CD. Burn the music onto the CD and put it all together and you should have a professional quality Album. Tell your friends about your band give them free copies of the album, upload all your music onto “MySpace” and troll people’s friend request to become known and on “Facebook” be like “Yo friend look at my band” then they will be like “OMFG you’re in a band? *clicks link* this stuff is great. *tells friends about band*.” Now finally if you want to, make a music video. Don’t make it boring, do some crazy stuff make it funny make it energetic. When you’re doing a show a.k.a gig people come to SEE a show so you should be entertaining no one wants to just watch a musician just stand there, set a mood with your body motions that goes along with the song. When it’s all done there you have it. Now it’s just a matter of time keep trolling people to listen to your band, take as many gigs as you can and Good Luck!

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My observation of the musical industry. You need talent, patience and determination if you ever want to make it big. Here is a "How to" to help achieve that dream.

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