Love Freely (we have every right to)

May 3, 2012
By aspiring98 BRONZE, Hilo, Hawaii
aspiring98 BRONZE, Hilo, Hawaii
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nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war -- albert einstein

There are many articles, protests, rallies, etc., etc., etc. Centered around gay rights. So many different opinions are floating around. You just don't know who to believe.
Recently i watched the movie "Love Free or Die" this movie is about the first openly gay bishop of the Anglican Communion, Gene Robbinson. He was not the first gay bishop, but merely the first openly gay bishop.
At his consecration he wore a bullet proof vest. To protect him in case of an assasination attempt. he was not invited to the Lambeth Conference in England.
He went anyway. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury, in response, banned any churches in England from letting him preach the gospel. One church didn't listen.
Halfway through the start of his sermon. A heckler began shouting at him. Telling him to repent.
You can't hear this in the video clearly, because people began clapping, the organ started playing, and the choir started to sing. All drowning the man out.
Afterwards Gene said this, "sometimes when you stare evil in the face. you just have to stand there and absorb it." After saying this he burst into tears.
They wouldn't allow him to be filmed walking into a church in Lambeth, while the other bishops were in London. They wouldn't allow him to do many things.
The movie ends on a high note, however. With the conference of the Episcapol Church allowing the blessing of gay marriages, and the consecration of gay bishops.
This movie spoke volumes to me, and had me crying halfway through. Unfortunetly this isn't something you can get from the local 'Block Buster'. The only reason i was able to see it. Is because someone from my church bought a copy from St. Judes for $300.
I saw many injustices in this movie, based off of religion completely. These people took words from the bible, and only took them at face value. They did not try to understand what those words meant based off of the other words in a passage. They misquoted, and were misinformed. I merely took this opportunity to state my opinion on this movie, and gay rights.

The author's comments:
i think members of the LGBTQ community have every right to be treated equally, to love, to adopt, and to get married.

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