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March 26, 2012
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Gale Sayers, in “Brian’s Song”, is a great individual. Gale Sayers was Brian Piccolo’s best friends, and he was always there for him; just like friends should be. Gale Sayers is a football player for the Chicago Bears. I’m somewhat like Gale; he was quiet in the beginning and then he was more opened up at the end. Gale Sayers was a trusting, deeply thoughtful, and an immensely caring friend.

Gale Sayers truly trusted his best friend, Piccolo, all throughout the movie. At the very beginning of the movie, Gale was stubborn because he wouldn’t talk at all. When Sayers met Piccolo, Brian told him to be really careful while talking to the coach. According to Brian, the coach was deaf on his left ear; therefore, Gale was bouncing around the coach so he would always be on the right side of him. Another example of Gale’s trustiness was when he let Brian Piccolo help him recover after he hurt his knee. At first, Gale was saying, “No, I can do it by myself”. Then they started running together in the park and using the exercising machine Brian made. Gale Sayers wasn’t just trusting, he was also a very considerate person.

Gale Sayers was thoughtful as well. One example of Gale’s thoughtfulness is when Brian was outside practicing. Brian Piccolo was doing a play wrong when Gale came out of the building. Back then Gale didn’t say much, so when he helped Brian correct a play he taught Gale how to say “you’re welcome” instead of “uh-huh”. That is when he started to open up. Another example of thoughtfulness is when Brian was dying; Gale was really sad to be losing a friend. When Brian didn’t want to sign the form for the surgery, Gale tells the hospital administrator that he needs time to process the information. It showed Sayers was really thoughtful of his friend. This shows how much Gale’s personality has changed throughout the movie. Nevertheless, he was an unbelievably great and caring friend.

Gale Sayers changed a lot from the beginning to the end of the movie; at first he was a quiet character, then at the end, he was a very gentle friend. For example, when the hospital called to tell them Brian was really sick, the coach was going to tell the entire team, but Gale wanted to do it. He said that he is Brian’s friend, and he should be the one to tell the team. Not to mention, when Brian was in his death bed Gale was always by his side. He even gave Brian blood after the surgery. He went from being closed to being open about himself. Gale was a very caring human being.

Overall, I think choosing Gale Sayers as my character was an excellent choice. He has been through what I think is one of the hardest things ever: losing a friend. He was similar to a tree; he didn’t do anything except for playing football. Gale didn’t say anything like a tree doesn’t say anything. Then, he changed drastically from the beginning to the end of the movie. I think that was good for him because he really needed to open up to life. Gale became an exceptionally trusting, thoughtful and caring friend. I took a very good life lesson from this movie, “No matter how bad things get, your friends will be there for you”.

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