Achieving Sentence Fluency --- Music

February 20, 2012
Music is my escape; it’s a natural remedy to take away pain. I am always blasting music from my room, even when I’m not home, I just leave it on. My iPod is filled with music that I always listen to. Usually I listen to Justin Bieber songs, he’s just so talented! Interesting music intrigues me. “Time for Me to Fly” by the Jonas Brothers is a great song; it sends a message. Most songs that relate to my life, I consider a favorite. Wherever I am, I am around music; even when I tap my foot or pencil, or even clicking my pen, it makes me happy and it’s rhythmic. I am amazed by all of the musical talent around the world. Wow! The feeling I get when I listen to music or even talk about music, it is great!

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