February 7, 2012
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I have two favorite female singers that I often listen to. I find their songs on YouTube, ITunes and Groove Shark. Although I enjoy both of them, one is obviously better. Comparing their voices, stage presence, and appearance shows that Beyoncé is better than Jennifer Hudson.
Both of their voices are good; that’s why young people love their music. I’m really amazed at how Jennifer Hudson holds her notes, it seems like forever. But her voice is rough and you can’t even hear her words. A good example of this is I Am Not Telling You, which is hard to understand. Beyoncé’s voice is soulful and I relate to her lyrics. She’s got rhythm, can hold a tune, and can sing high and low notes for example in her song Crazy in Love.
I watch a lot of YouTube videos and can see a clear difference in their stage presence. By this I mean how they dance and move around. Jennifer Hudson only sits there and sings her song I Am Not Changing. It gets extremely boring after a while. Beyoncé, on the other hand, dances and even runs around so you want to keep your eyes on her. Her movement really compliments her singing she always dances in her song End of Time.
If one compares their appearance, there is no doubt that Beyoncé is prettier. She wears many different outfits and hair styles. I think that she looks gorgeous with her large hoop earrings. She recently had a baby and gained a lot of weight but worked hard to lose the extra pounds. If she couldn’t make it as a singer, she could have worked as a professional model. Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, is kind of good looking but always looks the same.
It is clear that Beyoncé has a better voice, stage presence and appearance than Jennifer Hudson. Comparing their voices, stage presents and appearance shows that Beyoncé is better than Jennifer Hudson. Not only is better than her, she is one of the best singers out there. She is one of the best singers in the world. That is why she is my favorite singer.

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