Today's Music and It's Effects on Kids

January 22, 2012
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Should Today’s music come with a warning label? If music keeps getting worse then all areas of acquiring music will have to have a label to warn consumers about the content of what they are going to purchase. Artists are putting bad messages into songs in which kids listen to daily. These songs do not just say a few words either, sometimes the whole song is about that topic. Whether you agree with me or not you know what is in today’s music but, you may not know how it effects kids.

An American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) study shows that 8-12 year olds listen to about one hour of music a day and 13-16 year olds listen to about twelve hours of music a week. A scholar states, “I am disappointed in how the music industry today packages artists out of their natural element and into some prototypical, cookie-cutter image in the name of sales.” I agree with her. Are today’s artists really what they claim to be? Or have they been made into what they are now? Sure some artists are real and sing
what they know and how they have always been. But others claim to be tough and they have had a terrible life. We should not believe everything we see and hear about these artists. They have been manufactured by the music industry to match what kids like today. “People buy into the act because they are convincing enough to believe that they are what they seem.” Another claim that I one hundred percent agree with.

Aside from the cookie-cutter images, the music industry has changed greatly since the 80’s and 90’s hits. Artists like the Bangles and Blondie have been traded in for images such as Lil’ Wayne and 50 Cent. Instead of ‘Walk like an egyptian’ we now turn on the radio and hear songs based on raunchy and inappropriate topics. This generations music is all about cussing. How many cuss words can we get into one song? Not all songs today are like that but majority of them are. Personally when I listen to these songs with family, I am embarrassed. This is what they think we talk about at school and with our friends. I do not want our generation being judged on the lyrics of our songs.

On the other hand, today’s kids listen to music whenever. We own ipods, radios, and computers that let us access our favorite songs. But, kids who listen to songs with inappropriate language and references are going to be effected in some way. Kids start saying profanities and phrases and they think that it is ok because Eminem or Drake said it. Why should we not say it? Part of the reason they repeat these songs is because they do not completely comprehend what they are saying and what the artist is implying. Same scenario if the kids listen to songs about drugs and risky behaviors.

The solution to this worldwide problem? Above all, we cannot stop kids from listening to music but, we can limit what they are listening to. ITunes is one of the most widely used app for obtaining music. We could put a lock on iTunes that would not grant kids the access to purchase music that is not appropriate for their age. Of course their parents/guardians could approve so they could buy them. YouTube could also have this lock. This could possibly cut down on kid’s violence, drug abuse, and other risky behaviors. We need to take control of our generation and its music. Do not let the music industry influence your behaviors or your siblings and friends.

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Same said...
Oct. 28, 2015 at 1:42 am
I completely agree with you. I am 13 and see kids in my school every day requesting to play inappropriate songs. And The staff is OK with it. The worst part is that the kids DANCE to the music outside in the quad area. They are FULL ON twerking and using their bodies as a sort of "sex symbol" in my opinion. I don't think this is ok.
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