How music is important to me

January 8, 2012
In school we have the opportunity to take a music class. It could either be chorus, orchestra, or band. Depends on your school. I take band. In band class we learn a lot. From Mozart to tempo markings. For the past 3 years at my school I’ve been in band. Band to me, is a necessity. Without band I really wouldn’t like school that much. And I really don’t think I would care that much about school if I wasn’t in band.
Some things we do in band are prepare for concerts, learn how to march in a parade, and in a lot of stuff we play in front of judges and get graded on how good we do. Band isn’t just a class. It’s more like a group of family and friends getting together to create beautiful harmony. Music also brings peace to us all. As we learn more in band we grow as a musician. And if your really serious about it, you can make a career out of it. And that’s what I plan to do.
Band is very important to me. Why? It gives me something to do and I enjoy it. All my friends in band are like family to me. They encourage me to do well and get good grades. My band teacher, Mr. Maerkl is so nice! He always wants to help us improve. I always look forward to my band class. Band stuff and playing my trumpet is my most favorite thing to do. And I am thankful for it.

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