Couch patato?

November 29, 2011
By Jill-PJ BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
Jill-PJ BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Most Americans watch five hours of T.v a day. I can’t even imagine the damage caused by that! If you are a “couch potato” and all you do is watch t.v you are putting yourself in danger. There are countless things that are causing problems to your health from watching to much t.v. For example physical issues, depression, loss of activities, family time, and also mind development in young kids. We need to put this craziness to an end!
To begin with, infants watch an average of two hours of T.v a day which is too much for their little brains. The American Academy Pediatrics (AAP) states, “an infants brain is still developing and does not need the T.v damaging it. Kids should only watch one hour or no T.v at all.” Teens from the ages 8- 18 spend more then four hours a day with an additional two hours on a computer, says AAP. This time should be used playing outside or reading. When watching T.v you don’t use your brain, but when you play outside you get to use your imagination and you can have some fresh air! Also, kids that watch violent shows are often more aggressive to other kids or to the parents, states the AAP. I say that at a young age kids should watch happy shows with little puppets in it, not fighting or violent shows.
Not only, are your kids in danger your own health is in danger! When you watch T.v you tend to sit down, get dragged into a show, and don’t want to do anything else. If this happens you are called a
“couch potato.” The American medical Association says “That the downside of watching T.v can cause eating problems, sleep deprivation, and type two diabetes.” Dr. Frank Hu in 1991 estimated that in two hours of morning cartoons there are 200 junk food ads. No wonder America is having an obesity problem, T.v is tempting us with that horrible food! Experts from queensland studied that watching to much T.v is just as bad as smoking and obesity.
Fargo ND Shanna Cramer says that when a kid watches T.v they start to lack in their social skills and it is harder for them to make more friends. Their attention span is decreased. Also Shanna Camer says that watching two hours of T.v a day might not cause health problems. So a little bit of T.v is okay. I will admit that I watch too much T.v, we all do, but some people stop at the T.v and don’t leave for 4-5 hours. Why this is such a problem? It is the number one activity in America! I say think that from watching to much T.v America is already fat and lazy!
Altogether, watching too much T.v is bad! you lose so many things when you watch T.v. So why do people do it? I say that the reason people watch T.v because they have nothing else to do or, watching T.v makes them feel better about them selves and about your life. I also would say that if you watch four to five hours of T.v a day you are causing yourself many problems. you don’t talk to anyone, use your brain, and you might start to have a weight problem says the Journal of Sports Medicine.
Finally, my opinion is that America has a T.v watching problem and it is causing so many problems in peoples lives. Such as infants health, your own personal health, social skills, you just loose so much, so we need to stop watching T.v, stop putting little infants in danger and stop putting yourself in danger!

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