Charlie Brown is not so bad

December 15, 2011
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Charlie Brown is the most innocent cartoon; it has children as the characters, so the things they say and do are acceptable. Charlie Brown is also a good show because it has positive messages about family, competition, and love. I personally can not find any way to deny Charlie Brown as being a good show; the kids don’t use bad words; making the show is appropriate for all ages.

It’s assumed that kids don’t know any better, so the author had the freedom to make all the characters act and think a certain way. For example Snoopy, who is a pet Beagle, can be kind, lazy, or mean depending on his mood. He can be mean when he is with Woodstock, a bird friend; he treats him mean by bossing him around, and when it comes to competition Snoopy can be very aggressive. His actions are humorous when he is lazy and chooses to lie on his dog house all day. He shows small acts of kindness in various episodes and because he is a dog his actions can’t be offensive. Each character has his or her distinct opinion and personality some positive some negative, but since the characters are all kids nothing can really be taken as a separate meaning or stereotype of some sort. It would be ridiculous to assume that a kid is being stereotypical when the thought process of a child is not as complex or meaningful as an adult. Moreover they don’t know these terms “stereotype” or if doing certain actions are bad in society and can be considered racist.

If Charlie Brown is compared to other cartoons like Family Guy the more appropriate cartoon will be Charlie Brown. Family Guy includes Charlie Brown in one of their episodes. After Charlie Brown attempts to kick the football, but misses, Peter solves the problem by kicking and hitting Lucy, forcing her to hold the football in place so that Charlie Brown can kick the football. After Charlie Brown kicks the football Peter finds another reason to kick Lucy and he knocks her out. This is a perfect example that proves Charlie Brown is a better show. The first reason is you’re not allowed to hit a child, Peter did not even care that Lucy is a young girl; this cartoon, Family Guy, therefore approves the idea of violence and hitting a child. The actual show Charlie Brown would have just made Lucy make a smart remark about how she convinced Charlie Brown to kick the football. Charlie Brown knows how to be the bigger person and he doesn’t take Lucy’s prank serious cause he knew it was going to happen. Charlie Brown is the type of person who never gives up. Every time he knows Lucy is going to move the football or he is going to loose a baseball game; but that doesn’t matter because he always wants to achieve something and as long as he tries his best. Failure doesn’t bother him. This is the message Charlie Brown sends along with messages about the holidays, competition, and love. Charlie brown is not extremely competitive. He likes to try new things but is never over confident about himself, the show sets bad examples of people who are very competitive, but those characters are set up to fail. Showing that Charlie brown is a show filled with good intentions. Family guy is not at all like Charlie Brown its show has violence, illegal substances, racist and sexist comments. The show treats women unfairly, and turns life into a joke. The show is not appropriate and shouldn’t be shown to children even though it is considered a “cartoon”.

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