Music Vs. My Mom

November 8, 2011
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Every morning, before I leave to school, I grab my bag, say goodbye to my mom, put my headphones in and turn my music on full blast. It’s what relaxes me the most, but my mom is always complaining that I don’t listen to Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, or Big Time Rush, like a normal teenage girl. She is concerned about the fact that I listen to nonstop “angry” music. The angry music being bands like Asking Alexandria, Three Days Grace, D.R.U.G.S, Alesana, and Breaking Benjamin. Her definition of angry music is when the lead singer is screaming, instead of actually singing. I have always disagreed with her on almost anything. She like pink, I like blue. She likes salad, I like French fries. She like music that talks about love and friendship, fairytales and happy endings. I like music that talks about heartbreaks and tragedies, real issues and how to deal with reality punching you in the face. So what if they don’t express it with high pitched singing and rhyming lyrics. I have always believed that the way a person expresses their thoughts and feelings doesn’t matter, as long as they get their message across, loud and clear. I get annoyed when things are sugar coated, I cannot understand why not straight up tell someone what is on your mind. That is exactly why I love to listen to all these different bands, they all have their own message, their own meanings behind their lyrics, and their own style of expressing it. While I listen to those songs, feeling the vibration of the music pounding in my ear, I feel at ease. I feel like nothing else in the world matters. It’s like an escape for me. I listen to the stories the songs tell me, and I can relate to most of them. One of my favorite songs is by Three Days Grace, called ‘Someone who cares.’ The chorus is: “Why is it so hard to find someone who cares about you, but it’s easy enough to find someone who looks down on you.” This part of the song really clicks with me because no one understands how true that statement is. Throughout my life, I have met people who made their lives better by putting me down, making sure I had a bad day compared to theirs, making sure that I knew exactly how they felt about me. It took me a while to find someone who would really help me back on my feet rather than kick me back down. Especially with the type of music I listen to, no one really cares enough to listen to the lyrics enough to figure out the story behind it. They’d rather brush it off their shoulders, as if it were an unimportant piece of dirt that momentarily interrupted their oh so very important lives. It amazes me that somebody could write such inspiring songs; songs that can help someone truly understand what they’re feeling; songs that can help someone realize that they aren’t the only ones going through a tough time; songs that can give someone peace in mind; but also, songs that aren’t given a chance, based on the manner in which they are expressed. So, instead of fighting about with my mom, desperately trying to get her to understand why I listen to my ‘angry’ music, I Shove my headphones in, and ignore the world.

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