October 28, 2011
By LEGIZTIK BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
LEGIZTIK BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
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Im to strung out on compliments and overdosed on confidence

To me the music industry and all artists in it are continually conforming to what they believe is real or worth talking about. To me the industry of music and entertainment is just becoming materialistic more then the point of what it was all started with, emotion. Most rappers, singers, and actors all promote the same things; money, cars, sex, all things that are more bragging then entertaining an audience. The idea of being wealthy is being overrun with living outside your means. Most people wish to be famous for the money instead of what others pray to be famous for, to change the world and spread their messages to. For me as a young hip hop artist now in music now I don’t get the same feel as the old school hip hop such as music from 2pac, Notorious B.I.G. Now people think if you can talk about material objects that you can rap. I don’t see how people have let fake artist become the greatest. This is not music you hear on the radio I have been looking for real hip hop artist and to me there are very few left in the industry. THIS IS MY IDEA OF REAL MUSIC!

What happened to hip hop when people use to write for days now all I hear is bragging over radio waves nobody cares if you got a message or not everybody saying they made it on top but I can’t understand how they didn’t drop in and flop so ima be the one to tell them to stop now tell beats are getting better but I don’t hear lyrics this is not how it use to be you use to have talent musically now everybody think what we do is easy man believe me this is all fun and games nobody cares if major problems are on your brain if you try to be a better person all the want is better verses now be for certain I am not perfect but never will I stop because my messages and heart say all this hard work and dedication is worth it to me this is much more then working this is a love for the art an addiction to the craft I am high off the game and aint nobody know it I hate to show emotion so when I feel the need to show it I just say this is how the truth sound and I make another song man I’m so far gone from this elementary competition I do me that’s all I’ve ever strived to be

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EscapeRope said...
on Jun. 11 2015 at 9:18 am
EscapeRope, Cavite, Other
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I agree except when you said beats are getting better. No, it actually gets wacker to me.

on Apr. 8 2013 at 10:21 am
I agree with what you are saying new school is totally different from new school now a days but in your article you could of put in more supporting facts o Forth support your opinion more

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