Where has music gone?

October 23, 2011
By bluebird123 SILVER, Hebron, Indiana
bluebird123 SILVER, Hebron, Indiana
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With all the success mainstream music has had, people tend to forget that there are many different genres of music other than pop and rap. On occasion, I do like to listen to some pop music, mainly when I’m in the car listening to the radio. Even though there are dozens of different music stations, they all seem to focus on one thing: mainstream music.

With artists like The Beatles and Nirvana, it really makes me wonder what has happened to the music industry. They left behind a legacy of music that should challenge artists to make just as meaningful and different music. Music that focuses on pushing the envelope of creativity rather then succumbing into uninventive music. Sure, not all music needs to be serious and serve a purpose. But wasn’t that the point of becoming an artist? To show emotion and share your perspective on things? Instead, we have artists that are more focused on writing songs about sex, money and going out with friends.

I understand the pressures of maintaing commercial success in the music industry, but many pop artists are taking that too far. Artists are going as far as auto tuning their voices and making electronic beats just to fit into the mainstream genre. Having commercial and critical success isn't all that important. Many artists put aside the pressures of the music industry to make music they love and want people to hear and unsurprisingly, they are still successful. With artists focusing more on being in the limelight and making money, where has all the quality music gone?

While teenagers that enjoy mainstream music are just like teenagers who enjoy rock, rap and alternativemusic. They have the same opinions on the music they like, and can not be swayed on their views. Still, many artists are put down by critics becuase they're different and don't fit into the mainstream category that many teens enjoy. The music industry is more focused on making money off a "hit" single then making quality music that can last a lifetime. Music should be about emotion, creating something new and just focusing on making the best music they possibley can. Though a lot of quality pop music exists, most of it is all the same and has a lot to do with artists trying to outdo each other. So let me ask you again, where has all the quality music gone?

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