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October 14, 2011
By jackdanielsdrinker BRONZE, Country City, New York
jackdanielsdrinker BRONZE, Country City, New York
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Bob Marley was an inspirational person with his music and still is to this day. He wrote many songs over the years to try and teach people and because he loved music. He wrote songs about love and peace. He also wrote songs about how you should fight for what you believe in. He also wrote songs to help the poor.

One song Bob Marley wrote is “ Buffalo Soldier ”. He wrote the song and linked it to a fight for survival from the black US cavalry regiments that fought in the Indian wars in 1866. He wrote “ Redemption song” to deal with his mortality. He wrote the song “ Jammin ” to tell people to love what you do. He wrote the song “ I shot the sheriff ” that talks about that he shot a sheriff in self defence.

Another song he wrote to try and help people is “ No woman, No cry ”. He wrote it saying even though things seem bad it will get better. Another he wrote is “ High tide or low tide ”. He wrote the song to express some of his religious beliefs. He wrote the song “ One love as well. When he wrote it he was trying to say if you have friends and love god you will have a happy life.

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I like his music

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