Hollywood and the Revolution

September 5, 2011
By Mayo-Lee SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
Mayo-Lee SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
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As I flip through magazines and flip through channels on the television I find myself confronted with frustration. Where are the black women, and not just black women, where is the color in Hollywood? It seems like once in a while we get a little splash and then it fades. And usually when a black film is temporarily taking over Hollywood it’s some sad story or a remake of a famous musician’s life or about a pimp/rapper or about maids. I’m not a racist, I don’t hate white people, I am half white. My only complaint is the lack of diversity on television and in cinema. I want to go and watch something I can relate to. I want to see someone that looks like me on the screen. And I feel as though I cannot wait around for Hollywood to begin to see the beauty in women on color and to give them more dynamic, powerful, Oscar worthy roles. I must be a part of the revolution. We can no longer ask; if we want to see REAL black women on television and in cinema then we have to put them there. And not just black women, but black men. And not just black, but Asian, Hispanic, Afro-European. I want to wake up one day and see a diverse, colorful Hollywood. I want to see commercials and television depicting REAL life, I come from a 100% racially diverse family and I want to see that on television because I know I am not the only person with a black parent and a white parent and Hispanic cousins and European relatives. So I say a revolution needs to be put in place. I want to form a group of colorful, determined people who love the art of writing, acting, directing, editing, producing. I want to change Hollywood, and not just Hollywood but the creative world in general. Black women are more than weaves, loud attitudes, and curvaceous bodies. We have stories, which don’t always involve sexual abuse, obesity, or poverty. We are just as dynamic as any other woman on the planet and we deserve fair representation. Because I believe when black women begin to see themselves represented as the strong beautiful complex women she is, not only will she appreciate herself but so will those around her. The media and entertainment business is very influential so let’s not be all high and mighty pretending we have all our self- esteem issues in check. We all want to see ourselves on screen, we want to be represented, we want to fall in love with characters because we can relate to them. And I want to see more actors of color on, Inside the Actor’s Studio. I want to make this happen, I want to start a revolution…..and it will be televised.

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I am an aspiring writer, no I write which means I am a writer. My dream is to one day write for television and film as well as write novels. But I want to do more than that, I want to change Hollywood and it's perception of women and people of color especially African-Americans. I am a diverse individual who has always been brought up around so many different races that I want to display that on television. I feel movies and television becoming so bland that I lose interest because no one looks like me or like the people around me. I want to create a group of individuals of all races to come together and create art, create shows and films and novels for everyone. I want to see a strong dynamic complex black woman play the lead in a movie and I want her to recieve recognition from SAG and the Academy and the writers to be recognized as well. I want to change Hollywood, I want to start a revolution! I know I'm not the only one

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on Sep. 25 2011 at 12:19 pm
WritingAngel20 BRONZE, Ardmore, Alabama
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Good, really good, I agree. I want to be a writer too and change the way people look at things involving races. Keep on writing, because you've got skills and if you can can you please look at some of my stuff and give feedback? Thanks.

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