Totoro is just one in a whole race of similar creatures

August 23, 2011
Ever notice that Mei Kusakabe asks “Anata wa dare” (who are you) instead of “Anata wa nani” (what are you) ? When this is taken account of, one would assume that the one being asked would answer with their name opposed to their race.

It is because of this, that I only name the largest of the three creatures in the film “Totoro”, and give the others made up names. When others make art based on Totoro, I do not name the creature depicted “Totoro”, but rather a “Totoro-like creature”.

As for what to call the entire amount of the creatures/spirits (Since they aren’t Totoros), I’ll have to think about that.

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xXx_Fox_xXx said...
Aug. 28, 2011 at 3:34 pm
lol like 90% of the population hasn't heard of totoro. ^^ I like the idea of explaining what he is to the population. lol
O.Riet replied...
Aug. 28, 2011 at 8:01 pm
I just think it's weird that some people say "Totoro like it's someone's name, and then call something that is a different color, or has a different patern "Totoro". Ah well, the least I can do is inform people. But you're right, Anne! I do a search for "Totoro", just to see if there is anything (and there are howmany thousands of teeninkers?), I get ONE result about how a marshmello peep looked  like a demented [yellow] Totoro!!
xXx_Fox_xXx replied...
Aug. 31, 2011 at 4:29 pm
:) Totoro is actually the name Mei gives the forest spirit. Since he is a spirit I guess it is like a species....
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