The Affects Of Movies, Music, and Television on People

August 1, 2011
By KevinJ. BRONZE, Monroe, New York
KevinJ. BRONZE, Monroe, New York
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This article is about my point of view on how people of all ages are affected by movies, music and television. First off, music posesses the power to pick somebody up when they are feeling down, it can make you feel sad, it can help you make a decision and it can make you laugh. There is an unclear boundary between music and real life though. For example with famous now deceased rappers 2pac(Tupac Shakur) and The Notorious BIG(Christopher Wallace) music made them famous, but music was also played a role in their death. With rap tape disses towards each other after an ill fated falling out, 2pac was killed and following his death The Notorious BIG was killed. They were killed in gang related violence due to disrespecting one another over rap tracks. Music plays a large role in the way teens act. Many teens are infatuated with the image of being a famous rapper and having all the things many rappers speak about, primarily cars, money, girls, etc. In the song Stan by Eminem he talks about a fan who was obsessed with him, and the obsession ended up being unhealthy for the fan and the fans family. This is a very large possibility with many impressional kids. When a kid goes to a movie, they naturally repeat quotes and parts from the movie, but that can as well be taken to far. Movies can affect the way kids act in social situations, perhaps mimicking the movie they've seen. Personally i've seen kids walking around making references to movies and television shows such as spongebob which can get very irratating with a high pitch voice. From my point of view, music, movies, and television shows can help a kid relate and feel better about a bad situation, but can also have negative affects, but our jobs as the viewers/listeners is to establish the barrier between the media and real life.

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My friend and I had a long conversation about the deaths of rappers Proof, 2pac, and the Notorious BIG and we discussed how kids can take music and movies too far.

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