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July 26, 2011
By hannahmaee26 BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
hannahmaee26 BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
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It should be agreed that there is something magnificent about being able to lose yourself within the magic of another world. The creation of a story that holds you. To lose yourself, in the words on a page that you can't even see in front of you any longer because you're there.........and reality is not. To watch a film and be surrounded by it. to be within the story, the conversations, witness the action, and emotions of each and every character, just as you imagined it. You love them. All of them, even the bad.....because it's beautiful whichever way it comes.
i've read every book, and have finally seen every movie. i'm not the biggest, or number one fan. but i've grown up with this story. and have waited. i am merely an honest fan who shares the experience with many others. you've read every line, but you cry anyway during the movie, knowing who lives and who doesn't, waiting for what happens next, as if you dont already know....there you go, losing yourself again. And you, like I, have moments when you desperately wish it was all real.
i would wish that the pages of this story never turn to dust or become fragile and forgotten. that they are read and watched forever.
and if you dont understand why i rant of such a topic....dont think too hard on it....you're normal.....but i pity you. You haven't experienced anything until you've let something so powerfully unreal into you. Grasp the real meaning and come back to reality with memories of being there, of choosing a side to fight on. if you believe such a creation as J.K. Rowling has brilliantly done is anything but incredible, you deserve the dungeon. if you believe it's nonsense, devil worshipping, evil nonsense....then you dont understand the meaning of beauty in the imagination.....in other words....we call you muggles.

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