Vampire Diaries

May 5, 2011
I clearly think this season has been the best acting any of these actors have done so far. Ian has been spectacular job at being a bad boy, he has that kind of spunk that attracts people. His hottness helps that part of him. Also Paul has had some good times too in this series, he has been extra broody lately, but he has gotten over the blood and on to the Damon and Elena attraction problem. I know he sees something between the too, but I don't think he knows what it is yet. But he will :)
I just think Damon and Elena should kiss already, I mean in the books they kiss way more than Elena and Stefan. But I do not want them to be together, because Damon is not the relationship type anymore. He's more of the one-night-stand type. Also I think Tyler and Caroline should get together already too, forget Matt!!! Tyler is so much better for her and so much hotter! I just hope this season ends with a twist like last season, leaves us on our seat!

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Sosna said...
May 18, 2011 at 5:37 pm
The book and the television series definatly seem to be polar oppisites. I dont see the t.v. show very often, but i know that some of the major events have occured. I just hope some of the intersting parts stay the same.
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