Kurt Cobain: Murder or Suicide

May 2, 2011
By , Pampa, TX
Everyone knows who Kurt Cobain is. He was the singer of the famous 90s band, Nirvana, and also one of the founders of Punk Rock or Grunge. He was found dead April 8, 1994 but later it was found out that he actually died April 5, 1994, only at the age of 27. Suicide was the diagnosed reason for his death. That's impossible! There was not only too much heroin in his system to even be able to pick up a gun but there was not enough blood at the scene. Yes heroin does reduce your blood loss but I mean only a little bit coming out of his ear is just not enough for the trauma. Beside the fact that the gun was wiped off it also was in his RIGHT hand. He's LEFT handed. We all know that left handed people can't use their right hand for such a big thing. If he was murdered, who murdered him? Courtney Love, his wife and mother of his daughter. The only explanation for his death. She is the only one that will not talk about his death and when she does it's always a different story. One moment she's saying he's suicidal the next one she's saying that she never thought or seen any evidence of him being suicidal. Which one is it? Based upon the movie “Kurt and Courtney”, the man El Duce told the camera that Courtney Love offered him 50 grand to kill Kurt. There is a piece of evidence right there. Why didn't anyone go after her? Kurt wanted to get away from Love, but he wouldn't do it by killing himself. Yes he was a heroin addict, but he did love his daughter and his music. Why would he want to throw all that away? Kurt Cobain was a great person and he doesn't deserve to be accused of suicide. He was murdered by Courtney Love or by someone else Courtney Love hired. No results can be found upon those two questions. Everyone just reasoned that it was suicide.

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Cobainology said...
Sept. 18, 2014 at 11:54 pm
Actually, he was Ambidextrous, thanks to his father. I'm glad to see someone else has looked into the Cobain case as well.  
Nirvana101 said...
Jul. 23, 2011 at 6:37 pm
alot of things involving the case are un explainable but as a die hard kurt fan i belive courney didn't kill him. This was actually very well written but i belive it was suicide. The move Kurt & Courtney has been know to change peoples opinions to become against Courtney. That was there goal after all. If you re look at the case from coourtneys side you will find that she is infact innocent. There are many things proving that such as her location durring all of this and when you hear how she... (more »)
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