Counselor of Rap

March 26, 2011
By , Park City, UT
Everyone listens to music. We listen to it to dance, to sing, to make us feel better. Music is a big part of my life and I use music for many things. If you asked me what kind of music I listen to, you would never hear me say Rap. I have never been a big rap fan and more pop. Rap never connected to me and I could never relate to that kind of music. Theres alway’s those songs that you hear and it has everything to do with what happened during your day. You listen to that song and it makes you feel so much better. Rap never did that for me, Until I heard the song “Pursuit of Happiness.” Ever since I heard this song I have fallen in love with the rap genre. Kid Cudi sang this song and to this day Kid Cudi is my favorite thing about music. Kid Cudi introduced me to the world of rap.

Kid Cudi says things in his music that relates to me even though were from two different worlds. His music is inspiring and motivating to my life. Although he may not be the greatest person to idolize, seeing as though his life revolves around drugs, Music and alcohol he is my motivation in life. His songs make me want to do the unthinkable. After I listen to Kid Cudi every stress leaves my brain. He is my escape on life. Nothing is better to me than blasting kid cudi and just thinking. Thinking about the stresses of the day and hearing Kid Cudi sing “Life does get rough, No need to stress, keeps you down to much.” It’s like Kid Cudi is my counselor. His songs speak to my brain in a way no one can. The world around me seems to fade away as Kid Cudi preaches to the beat. His lyrics are quotes that I think everyone need’s to follow. People think I am crazy for being so connected to Kid Cudi and his music but I can’t help it.

If I really think about it, Music revolves around everything. Every person can relate to music in someway wether it’s pop, rock, metal, rap Etc. Mine happens to be rap. I think everyone should have music that they can connect to. I love everything about music and it is a very big part of my life. Music is my escape and Kid Cudi shows me the meaning of Music. His music is inspirational and makes me want to strive for my dreams. Kid Cudi is my idol, counselor and escape and has opened my eyes to a new genre of music. Kid Cudi is rap. Kid Cudi is me.

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