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February 4, 2011
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There are various genres of music that teens listen to, and all of those genres can be broken down into several sub-genres. For example, rock music can be broken down into classic rock, punk rock, alternative rock, and many, many more. There is a seemingly infinite number of styles of music. Teens are often classified by what type of music they listen to in terms of their personality. But since there are so many distinct types of music, it would take a lifetime to classify teens based on what type of music they listen to. It makes more sense to classify them based on how many different genres of music they listen to. Musical preferences of teens can reveal a teen’s true personality.

There are generally three separate types of music fans: “bandwagon” fans, single-genre fans, and open-minded fans. Bandwagon fans are people who listen to music that is popular at the time. When another kind of music becomes popular, they listen to that music instead. These are the kind of people who like to fit in with the “cool” crowd. They are also people who have very low self esteems because they feel they need to like something that is “cool” and relevant in order to fit in. More importantly, they do not want to be criticized for listening to the “wrong” kind of music. They also usually judge people based on what kind of music they listen to or what kind of ideas and opinions they have. Bandwagon fans today are listening to rap and hip-hop. It must be the “cool” music right now.

There are also the single-genre fans. Single-genre fans listen to one specific genre of music that they like, whether it is “cool” or not. They can also be dedicated to a single artist or group. Single-genre fans also like to be part of a group that is made up of people who enjoy the same music as they do. An example of this is called The Green Day Community, or GDC. It is a website where fans of the group “Green Day” get together and talk about their favorite band. But the difference between these kind of groups and the “bandwagon” groups is that the genre of music never changes, whereas the bandwagon fans follow whatever music is popular. Single-genre fans tend to be very true to themselves and their ideas no matter what other people may think about those ideas. They also tend to be a bit opinionated, sometimes refusing to accept any other kinds of music or ideas that are introduced to them. Single-genre fans also sometimes judge people based on what music they listen to and the ideas they may have. They are very much the opposite of both bandwagon fans and open-minded fans.

Open-minded fans listen to almost any kind of music that they think is interesting. Of course, they can have a favorite kind of music, but they do not completely shut out all other kinds of music. If another kind of music is introduced to them, they are willing to accept it if they think it sounds good. The same goes with other ideas or opinions that are introduced to them. They usually do not judge others based on what music they like or what kind of ideas they have. Open-minded fans are usually very accepting and have a variety of friends because they do not limit themselves to a specific group of people.

Teens can be placed into several categories based on how many different genres of music they listen to. Some listen to what’s popular, some listen to a single genre, and some listen to just about anything. Some people may say that not everyone fits exactly into these groups, and they are half right. No matter what the general stereotype is, every person is different, no matter what music they may listen to. Although music cannot say everything about a person’s personality, it sure can say a lot.

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Mike6546 said...
Apr. 19, 2012 at 10:46 pm
This was really interesting to read, I never thought about just how somebody's music shows there personality like you said.  I wish you had written more though, I'm sure there is more that could be said about this, although that would probably take a formal study.  Anyway, it was really good and interesting so good job!
simplyfeel said...
Apr. 1, 2011 at 11:08 pm
Great writing! I am personally an open-minded fan. I'll listen to anything. Good music is good music.
WritingAngel20 said...
Mar. 16, 2011 at 11:23 am
Good article, I love music and hope to go into the industry one day and I listen to a wide range of music from heavy metal, to classical, to rap.
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