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Music Censorship

February 19, 2011
By BrittBritt95 PLATINUM, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
BrittBritt95 PLATINUM, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Imagine yourself in your older adulthood with your ten-year-old child in the care. You both are listening to the radio and all of a sudden, there is a new song on and every other word is swearing. You quickly turn the song off, but the damage is done and your child has learned these words now. Then later that day your child is walking around the house singing the song, at least the part they got to hear, and the whole time they are swearing. Would you want your child to be doing this at the age of ten?

This is the situation some parents find themselves in, when the radio stations and CD's are not censored. Today’s music is drastically different from the music our parents listened to and with that comes a great responsibility for our generation. This responsibility is not letting our young children hear and learn inappropriate language until they are mature enough.

In 1985, a group of wives founded the Parents’ Music Resource Center (PMRC). This was to warn parents of explicit material contained in the music. These labels include banned concerts, cover art and clothing: bills or laws and a rating system. What if a year old child went to a concert that was meant for a somebody that was older? I do not think that the parent of this child would be very happy. This is what will happen if a parent does not know about a band that is explicit and their work is too. This all to prevent younger children from learning and using inappropriate language.

Some may that they will lose money because of this, however companies and artists will not lose money. All the people have to do is add a sticker reading “Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics.” all this will do is alert parents, so they have an idea of what is on the CD's may not be appropriate for their young child to listen to. Some places now only sell censored cds and some companies will sell both censored and uncensored. It is a win, win situation for both the parents, the record companies and the artists.

Although the first amendment states the we have freedom of speech, there should be certain limitations to what can be played on the radio and in songs. Young children should not be aloud to hear a song played in public with swearing in it. This is uncared for by some parents and wrong to do. Would you want your children to hear inappropriate language when you are trying to spend time with them in public?

There should be a label on every CD that has explicit material on it. There should be an age limit of at least 16 because then at least they are mature enough to hear this language and buy the CD. All songs played on the radio should be censored.

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on Mar. 22 2011 at 9:43 am, Pellston, Michigan
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hhhmmm this is a good point in what you said, but i dont think the music artists should be foced to censor there songs, the radio host should give out a warning or somthing to tell there audince that theres gonna be a explicit song out,but you do make a perfectly point

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