The Reason Why Hoot is Better than Holes

February 15, 2011
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Imagine you were fighting for something that you believed in, or if you were sent to a miserable hot camp that didn’t have clean drinking water. These are examples from the movies Hoot and Holes. Hoot can be described as a better movie by using character, setting, and its message.

People sometimes watch a movie and they don’t think about the moral of the movie. Moral is important because it tells the main point of the movie. Hoot’s moral is standing up for what’s right for wildlife. An example is that three thirteen-fourteen year olds go through a lot of trouble to save some baby owls. Holes’ moral is what comes around goes around, when you do bad things, bad things will happen to you, and when you do good things, good things will happen to you. An example from Holes is that a boy named Hector stole an expensive pair of sneakers and both he and another kid named Stanley got in trouble. Hoot is better because Hoot has a message of loving and caring.

Characters are the most important part in the movie. You need good actors to have a good movie. The movie Hoot has many actors, but the main actors are Logan Lermin who plays Roy, Brie Larson who plays Beatrice, and Cody Linly who plays Mullet Fingers. The movie Holes also have many actors like Shia LaBeouf who plays Stanley, Khleo Thomas who plays Hector/Zero, and Sigourney Weaver who plays Warden Walker. Hoot is better because it has better actors; the actors have a way of grabbing your attention through the movie.

Lastly, there’s setting. Setting is where the movie takes place. Hoot’s setting is in sunny Florida, a beautiful place with lots of flowers, alligators, snakes, and lots of birds and insects. Hole’s setting is in Camp Green Lake, a place that is very dusty place with deadly lizards, lots of holes, and dirty water. Holes also have some flashbacks in the old west. Hoot is better because Florida has better scenery.

In conclusion, Hoot is a better movie because of moral, character, and setting. Hoot has a message of loving and caring, it has good actors, and better scenery.

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