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January 17, 2011
By jiggly SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
jiggly SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Parents are more poignant about the amount of TV being watched. 99 percent of American households has at least one TV however 73 percent of parents say television garbles the way children look at the world and want to limit the amount of TV their children watch. Parents corroborate saying TV is making children today more and more phlegmatic.
Other researchers say television is making children more comprehensive because of channels like The History Channel and The Discovery Channel. These channels teach children about history and about discoveries in recent years. The researchers are trying to coerce TV providers into showing more knowledge shows that teach people about the world around them. Even though the researchers feel sanguine, 72 percent say their efforts are fruitless because people watch TV for enjoyment and don’t want to learn about anything they don’t have to. All the people care about are the shows that inundate them with the Ideals of society and the fictional characters in cartoons. Even though there is a large opposition to the researchers plan they still feel zealous about what they are doing because it will help the society in the long run.

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