January 17, 2011
Television has inundated the lives of teens in this generation. The free time teens have outside of school and work is devoted to watching their favorite reality or crime show. If TV continues to have the same effect on teens, America might have a problem.

Every show on TV is poignant and many teen s are drawn in by what they see. The amount of TV shows is becoming insane and hardly any of them are fruitless. Teens are recording more and more shows to watch and spend nearly four hours watching them each night. Parents seem to have no affect on controlling how much TV teens watch. Coercing them may not work now that they are so addicted.
The media seems to be garbling facts about teens and their TV addiction. I’ve heard how it is good for teens watch a lot of TV because they are learning from it. The majority of teens don’t learn anything from the shows they watch. Jersey Shore corroborates this. If teens spend less time watching TV, they will work harder to achieve goals like college and good careers. Again the media seems sanguine with teens and their TV when they really should be scared. Teens, who will be running the county in a few years, think they have a comprehensive view of the world when in reality they have a comprehensive view of the TV world. TV shows don’t show what life is really like, they show what people want to think life is like.
Teens will be zealous about their new lives in the real world in a couple of years. They will find out how different everything is from the TV world they thought it was. Teens need to start watching less TV so they are prepared for the lives they will have in the future. TV is a huge distraction and bad influence/informer to teens. If things don’t change, people will have a reason to be phlegmatic towards what the world will become.

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