What do Statistics mean?

January 17, 2011
By fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
fofanidani PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Statistics say that parents spend 3.5 minutes per week in a meaningful conversation with their children. That is ridiculous. Another statistic shows that 54% of children from the ages of 4-6 years old would rather watch tv than spend time with their dads. This probably refers back to their fruitless conversations they have per week.
Parents need to start having comprehensive conversations with their children. The 3.5 minutes of meaningful conversation will rise. They can do this by talking about their day at the dinner table than watching tv. People spend a full day at school and work that this is the only time they have with each other. I am not saying they can’t watch tv with their children, but they should still spend some time having non- phlegmatic conversations. The 54% of children 4-6 years old would rather watch tv than spend time with their dad, will be over zealous to be with their dads than watch tv. They will have corroborated from their meaningful conversations with their dad and see that he cares about them. They will want to spend time with their dad then watch tv.
The tv is on 6 hours and 47 minutes each day in U.S. households. My bet is that more than 50% of the 6 hours and 47 minutes are from children. Kids are going to be sanguine to watching tv than spending time talking with their parents. Parents need to garble the meaning of meaningful conversations. When their children grow up they will be the same way with their children. They will think it is ok or normal to have 3.5 minutes per week of meaningful conversation with their kids. Kids can feel poignant from the lack of meaningful conversations their parents have with them. They will think that their parents don’t care about them. If parents don’t make the first step to having a meaningful conversation with their children, their children might have to coerce a conversation from them.

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