Tele vision

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

TV and addiction go together more and more these days. It is a fruitless effort to try and change that now. About 99% of households have at least one TV in their homes. A couple of decades ago you were lucky to have one. The feeling of poignant regret for this is mutual. It is sad how many people rely on TV for entertainment. I know family that have up to 9 televisions in their house home. People have them in their bath rooms. Televisions are inundating the nation in popularity. In one year, an American family watches 250 billion hours of TV. That is outrageous.

What is even worse is that younger children are beginning to watch more television. If you asked a child if they would rather watching TV or hang out with their dad 54% would say television. Many people might feel phlegmatic about this matter or maybe it’s a good thing. I disagree. I am zealous about letting people know the facts. American youth spends 900 hours in hour and 1500 hours watching TV all during one year. We need to coerce more students into working on school work and have them watch less television.

Maybe if we lowered the number of televisions in the house then more students would watch less TV. We need to corroborate on these problems. If I had less TVs at my house maybe I would watch less television.

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sheebatheo said...
on Oct. 30 2011 at 1:59 pm
sheebatheo, Pondicherry, Indiana
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good job...........


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