Lyrical Religion

January 15, 2011
I think when music can reach you at such an emotional and mental state of utter belief to every word of every line it is close to religion, and the closest to “god” you’ll ever get. Except this religion is not just a preacher and a crowd of people waiting in a church. It’s like being in a common place of comfort and home when you are listening to them. There is not a sea of stranger’s faces it is just you facing and absorbing the music. If I could even try to write the passion that I have for this music the unbelievable dedication and following I have, to not only these people but there lives that they let out to the public. The lyrics that keep me awake to the words that could sing me to sleep. To know that I couldn’t go a day without the words of my “gods” is Hell to me. Hell which cannot be understood to just a common person. There has to be a luminous drive towards this that none could stop, the kind no one would even try to explain or comprehend. Let alone start to question. It cant be stopped by compassion or contained on a track , it has to follow you 24/7 because you live and thrive off of this thing called Music. Bright eyes, Elliot Smith, City and Colour… I swear you are not just bands and musicians; you are the voice that I call home.

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