Rock Revival

November 17, 2010
By ADD106 SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
ADD106 SILVER, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Hard rock, rock and roll, or simply, rock. These are all names used synonymously to describe a type of music recognizable to almost any generation. However, the real issue at hand here, is that Rock is dying. Much like Disco, Rock appears to be dissipating. Rock and roll has for years been the founding ground for all types of music. Country, Pop, R&B, and Rap all have their roots in Rock.

What is Rock and Roll? Rock and Roll is generically described as having a guitar, bass, drummer, and singer playing hard, heavy riffs, and going off into wicked guitar solos. Rock has been prominent for many years, starting with artists like the Beatles, Elvis, and Chuck Berry many years ago. Since that time, it has branched off and given birth to different styles of music and had great influence throughout history. Since around the 60’s Rock has been a mainstream form of music.

In the past few years, rock has been dying. Rap and Pop music have become the more prominent form in the music industry. While people do have their right to listen to the music they so choose, rock does need to be revived. Without rock, rap and pop would not exist. Some remnants of rock can be seen in the mainstream music most people listen to. Guitars are still very prominent, but are not used as rock would typically use them. In almost every place or situation the music that is played is typically rap or pop. Of course there exceptions such as in country or rock bars, pop and rap are still prominent in most places. While this does please the mainstream audience, what of the rest of them? What about the people who still like rock and roll? Who are these people? I am one of them. My friends and I still love Rock and Roll. So do many people at my very school.

This is why the rock revival is important. The music played in places should be varied, and diversified. No one should have to listen to dance song after dance song after rap song. Everyone needs a little change in his or her music selection sometimes. This goes for those who listen to rock as well. Even they need a little rap sometimes. The rock revival is not a selfish movement by people who like rock. It is just a way to try to diversify the mainstream music, and make listening enjoyable for all. It is a way to bring the classics and the music that started it all. Let us begin the Rock Revival!

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