When did Reality Become TV?

October 26, 2010
By topic101 SILVER, Leesburg, VA, Virginia
topic101 SILVER, Leesburg, VA, Virginia
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Besides Twilight, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, what else is filling up the Magazine headlines? How about anything and everything to do with reality TV! Last night I was scrolling through the guide and there wasn’t anything but reality after reality TV show on. It seems like our generation is so obsessed with people who just happen to have a camera in front of them.

It’s not that reality TV shows are bad, although there are some pretty meaningless ones. It’s just that there are way too many of them. For example Cake Boss, that show about a guy who runs a New Jersey shop with his family and makes really awesome cakes. It’s one of the best reality shows out there, but there is 6 other shows just like it. Such as The Challenge, Wedding Cake Wars, Ace and Cakes and more. Its cake, get over it!

Like I said not all reality TV is bad. Shows like Pawn Stars and Cash Cab are great! Both shows have a cast with good personalities and are a mix of history and humor. Also American Idol has to be half decent since it’s the most watched reality TV show in America, but at our house it still has to be recorded. I don’t have 4 plus hours a week to waste it on singers who aren’t even being properly judged. Now that Simon’s gone, just about anyone is going to be able to make through.
Now, most of the shows fall under the “not so good” category, such as 16 and Pregnant. It was a good idea to get the message out, but I think teens got it after the first season. Along with that, people also watch torturous shows such as Little Miss Perfect and Toddlers in Tiaras. Child Beauty Pageants, talk about child abuse, the parents are no more adult then the contestants, and most are completely insane with what they put their children through.

Discovery Channel also has some awful reality TV shows like A Man among Wolves. Watching it is the grossest experience ever. The host lives and acts like a wolf. Apparently some lucky lady fell in love with this wolf man and a new show was born, Living with the Wolfman.
All in all, reality TV shows are good for TV, they’re realistic, and the producers don’t have to pay overpriced actors. However, maybe the networks should take a closer look at what other shows are similar to theirs, so we don’t end up with a billion shows about cake on 6 different channels!

The author's comments:
I just think it's funny how most of the conversations I have with my friends are about reality tv shows.

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