Getting Inside Your Head...Illegally?

July 19, 2010
By Nathan Xu BRONZE, Seaside, California
Nathan Xu BRONZE, Seaside, California
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“Keep yo’ hands off my mamma, and keep yo’ hands of my Doritos”. This was the start of a funny Superbowl commercial that aired last year and was for Doritos. I believe that this quote is fairly significant because even after a year this quote has stuck with me even though many other things haven’t. What I really want to say about this is that advertising, although it can be arguably unfair to its audience, is a great form of entertain and knowledge. I think this is important to tell everyone because many people look at these advertisements as scams and such; however, I want to tell everyone they are useful and that if you don’t want to watch so many commercials go to Hulu or some other website that allows you to watch TV shows with minimal commercial breaks. Advertisements are good because of the primitive attraction of the mind (sex and aggression), because of the seemingly unlimited money of the advertising companies, and because of freedom of speech; therefore, the advertising companies will constantly be making appealing advertisements.

First, advertisements are good because of their attraction to the primitive side of our brains. The side of our brains that emits emotions likes lust and fury. Although many people would probably view this as a bad thing, I think it is a great thing. I believe that we have that side of our brain for a reason, for production and reproduction; therefore, I believe that we should use that side of the brain to do something non-violent like watching a commercial rather than punching someone in the face. Another reason that I believe that an advertiser “attacking” the primitive side of our brain is good is because it shows us that science has developed in extraordinary amounts. If we did not have the science that discovered how the brain works we would not be able to make these ads targeting certain parts of the brain. However, if we didn’t have this science, we wouldn’t be able to figure out anything about the brain. Therefore, if someone had brain cancer it would be like automatic death. However, now that we have the technology we can help destroy these sicknesses. I have a friend that is in my class that has a brother who is now a senior. At the young age of about ten, that boy’s brother developed brain cancer. Because of the vast amount of wealth the family has and the development in the functioning of the brain, that boy’s brother was able to survive brain cancer and live a fairly athletic life. He became captain of the football team at our school and head of a few student committees. This shows that commercials are good because they show that technology has developed as far as the brain goes.

Second, advertising companies are beneficial because of their seemingly unlimited amount of money. Again, although many people would disagree that this is a positive thing saying that there are already too many “fat cats” in this world, I think it is a positive thing because they can use their money to make commercials such as the commercial in which people are asking you to in a way “adopt” little children in third world countries. This is an example of the advertising companies helping the world. One day, I was watching TV with my parents when one of those commercials came on. The advertising companies make the commercials really sad to make you want to adopt a kid. They are toying with your emotions, but it is for a good cause. So moved by the commercials, my mom picked up the phone and talked to a representative and told him/her that we were going to adopt a kid. Every month we send the kid thirty dollars and every month the kid writes us a letter about how he is doing. The kid told us that he used to live on the street with his little brother, Miguel, however, the group that was taking in kids took him off the streets and because of the money we were giving to him he was able to get food to eat every meal and a shower every day. It was kind of a bitter sweet moment at how happy he was when he wrote in one letter how he was so happy that he could eat every meal. It was sweet because it made me feel happy that our family was helping someone, but it was bitter because I realized how much I was taking for granted by getting to eat during every mealtime.

Finally, advertising companies are useful to society because of freedom of speech. Because of freedom of speech, ad companies are able to make almost whatever they want as long as it isn’t indecent or obscene. This is good because it shows people what our country has fought for and is fighting for, the ability to share our views with others and not to get persecuted for it. Isn’t that what the Revolutionary War was all about? Rights?

In conclusion, advertising companies are beneficial to society and they will constantly be making appealing ads. No one person can say that they have not seen a single ad that they have enjoyed. This is because there is something for everyone. For example, sports ads, medical ads, funny ads, sexual ads, etc. Therefore, since every has at least one ad that they hold dear in their hearts I believe that we should keep allowing the advertising companies to do what they do because everyone likes them, even if it is deep in their hearts.

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it's a very interesting artical

 although you tend to trail off into other subjects like brain cancer that have nothing to do with advertisments

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