Another Twilight Article:(Edward or Jacob) Who does Bella really belong with?

June 16, 2010
Okay, so obviously this is another one of those Team Edward, Team Jacob article thingies, blah, blah, blah. To go on, I'd like to say that there's soooo ,mch debate (jokingly, I mean) over which guy is better for Bella. Hahaha. Personally, I'd like to say that both guys go good with her. I'm Team Edward, but still. Jacobs' pretty cool too. However, if we're talking about Bellas' safety, I'd definitely have to say Jake. Then again, she's not exactly safe with him either. (Werewovles do tend to loose their temper.) On the other hand, Edward and his family are pretty protective and are good to have around in case she needs protection. What do you all think? Who would you be safer with: the heart throbbing vampire or the bad, yet totally hot werewolf? Hmmm. Hard to decide isn't it? I'd say the werewolf would make me feel safer. Not that Edward Cullen wouldn't. I mean let's not forget the whole bloodlust thing, right? But could us Team Edward fans reeeaaally hold that against poor Edward? I mean the guy has enough to deal with as it is. Sooo, I feel I'm starting to ramble therefore, I'll stop right there. So which do you all feel safer with: vampire or werewolf? I choose werewolf. (Crazy, right?)

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